Who is Renati Exchange (Pty) Ltd?

Renati Exchange (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of Renati Group Pty Ltd, a well-known and respected name in the fuel industry. Renati Exchange was built on the success of TruckFuelNet, the largest independent on-road fuel, truck and driver service provider in Southern Africa.

Established in 2006, TruckFuelNet today services over 1300+ clients, delivering and processing in excess of 27 million litres (over 71,000 transactions) per month through a supplier network of 136 sites. Funds under Renati Group management have exceeded R6 billion for the financial year ending 28 February 2020.

The Renati Group and its subsidiaries has proved credible and honourable in managing customer and supplier pre-paid funds over the past 12 years. Our 1300-plus clients and 136 suppliers are testimony to this fact!

What is the Bauzer MarketPlace platform?

Bauzer MarketPlace arose out of a need in the market for a trading desk where all bulk fuel buyers can instantly check the price and availability of bulk fuel products at all available supply locations across the country.

The Bauzer MarketPlace platform has been piloted and tested over 60 months, during which time over 550 million litres were sold and processed through the platform. With accounts at every major South African bank and clientele from all major transport groups, we guarantee secure transacting processes and trading environment. By using the platform, the end-user buys directly from the source or importer, eliminating all intermedia middlemen. Customers can therefore access the best available price in the market.

Customers will also enjoy peace of mind concerning the security of their business and payments to the company. Please feel free to contact our office should you wish to see any references in this regard.

How does a typical transaction work?

Once you have registered, a transaction proceeds as follows on the Bauzer MarketPlace::

  1. You view the current deals on offer to explore if the product is available at your preferred location and price.
  2. You place an order for a specific volume of product at a particular collection point (minimum order volume is required for deliveries).
  3. You receive a pro-forma invoice from Bauzer, reflecting the value of the transaction.
  4. You pay in full into the designated Bauzer bank account, using the reference number on the pro-forma invoice.
  5. Bauzer supplies you with product uplift authorisation documents so that you or your designated transporter can uplift the product at the designated collection point.
  6. Once the product is uplifted, Bauzer issues you with a final invoice based on the net quantity of volume uplifted at the collection point, as recorded on your Bill of Lading.
  7. If your collected volume is less than ordered and paid for (i.e., under-upliftment) you can request an EFT reimbursement for the amount. In the event of an over-upliftment, you will be required to pay the outstanding amount.

Which transporters can I use?

The choice of transporters is determined by standard industry norms:

The transporter must be registered to uplift at that facility.

Vehicles need to have a safe loading pass for that facility.

The drivers must have done their induction course at that facility, enabling them to operate the gantry facilities when loading product.

If requested, Bauzer will arrange and invoice transport for you from its list of approved transporters as part of the sale and purchase process.

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