Bauzer is an electronic marketplace which brings buyers and sellers of petroleum products together to trade in a safe and efficient free market trading environment.

Through the platform, vetted fuel suppliers (sellers) can offer their quality fuel products to potential customers nationwide. Fuel buyers, in turn, can instantly access information on the most competitively priced product (example, 50ppm Diesel, ULP95, ULP93) at all available locations across the country.

By allowing both parties access to a secure trading environment, risk is mitigated, costs are minimised, and the best possible trading outcomes are achieved.

Safe & Secure bulk fuel trading environment

We have developed a safe and secure platform to manage and administer your funds at all times.

Quality bulk fuel supply

We supply quality fuel directly from registered, reputable supply gantries in Southern Africa

Benefits for fuel buyers

Real-time access to information on all petroleum product availability in the market, based on:




You can experience benefits like:

Mobile friendly dashboard

Easy and low cost transacting

Direct access to fuel pricing

Bulk fuel discount


With Bauzer we ensure that your fuel delivery gets to you when and where you need it.

When requesting a delivered load, Bauzer auctions your delivery to one of our reputable fuel transporters. You will receive regular updates on your deliveries from our logistics team and you will be able to manage all your bulk fuel orders from your dashboard. We only offer delivery services from qualified bulk fuel transporters in South Africa that complies with a strict vetting process. We make sure that all fuel tankers are on standard and have the flexibility to deliver all types of fuel deliveries. All qualified trucks include metered pumps for your convenience.



Fair bulk pricing

List of vetted, trusted petroleum transporters

Safe and secure fuel delivery’s

Benefits for bulk fuel suppliers

Bauzer not only gives you direct, real-time access to an extensive fuel buyer base throughout the country, but also:

  • Secure fuel payment options
  • Sell excess petroleum stock at the lowest cost
  • B2B
  • Cost effective fuel sales
  • Single buyer administration
Bauzer Marketplace quality fuel - polygons forming man showing indicating the benefits

The quickest route to the best fuel price